Cranx new Pumptrack 

  So this past week we got on the building grind! This past winter just didn’t want to go away. Had to postpone soome jobs but broke the winter spell with cranx 100 by 75 ft Pumptrack! It has 5 berms. The center piece is 3 of the 5 berms you can hit this thing any direction and do laps as well! Plus we have a new addition to the DirtSculpt crew Marky T life long friend and Catty woods local. Thanks Mark The whole outdoor park will open soon so check it out Cranx






2014 Texas Toast!!!

So this year Texas Toast was so good! It was in a new location with tons of room to build a lot more stuff! The rest of the crew was on Redbull Dreamline so Gilly ,Will Blount, and myself got to build it. Gilly was on the crew for the first one and Will was on the last two but this was the first time for me! The sweet thing about this build was we were able to build what ever we wanted no plans just whatever made for the most fun! The only problem was rattle snakes ,scorpions, and crazy heat 96 degrees. But even with all that it was so fun! Thanks Gilly and Will for kickin ass and Odyssey for putting on such a core event! Built by riders for riders. Congrats to Mike Hucker Clark ,Anthony Napolitan , and Chris Doyle Here are the two edits from ride bmxdirt qualifier

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The TRA Double Cross Race

So a couple a years ago Mike Gentilcore came to me with the idea for a 2 cross trail race. (He was actually talking about it for more like ten years but who’s counting) Anyway he got serious and we got together to figure it out. I did a concept design and he started to get sponsors and it became a reality! So Chris Janis ,Kyle Keck and myself took on the build. Never building a course like this it had its challenges. Trying to figure out how people could pass and still ride it like trails and/or a dirt comp. It took about two weeks to build with we had great weather. The dirt was really easy to work with, plus the hill had the perfect grade! The only problem we ran into was keeping Mikes twin daughters sled hill in good shape but we pulled it off haha! Thanks to the sponsors for making this happen. Thanks for everyone’s help and hard work. Thanks Mike for letting me dig your yard up to make this epic event! You did it buddy.Check out the for updates about the race. Plus check out the digbmx for the photos and article about the race







Cranx New Dirt Park

So it was a mission to get this one done! It took two trips to make this happen. The first time it poured twice a day for four days in a row! Plus a tornado, which is pretty rare for the area.

So we came back determined to finish this park no matter what! Even though there was still a ton of rain James P Nutter,Kyle Keck, and myself worked like maniacs to get the park done. We built a medium and large Jumpline and small and large Pumptrack. With four days of sun we were able to finish and ride it all in.

Thanks Dale for the indoor park on the rainy days help us keep our sanity. cranx bike park












Carbondale Colorado Northface Bike Park

This year has been a crazy one nonstop jobs back to back! But I’m very grateful to be able to have my dream job. So we are In upstate Ny in Syracuse building a bike park for So we just finished up Carbondale Co northface bike park. It was a month long job. It turned out great real fun to ride! It has 2 Pumptracks , 3 jumplines , cross country loop with a big climb and a beginner and expert down line. We had a great crew James P Nutter Gilly Will Blount Shawn Shoener and James Hawkins. Thanks guys for the hard work. Shawn did all the wood cravings and James built and designed the structures. The town paper did a write up about the park as well. Well here is some pics of the park hope you enjoy






















Red Bull BermBurners Windham NY

So the 2nd round of Bermburners went off last weekend in Windham ny at the MTB World Cup! There was 60 riders and a ton of fans. Congrats to Victor Behm for his second win! Thanks to James P Nutter and Ekim King for doing a great job on the coarse. Here are some pics and the Redbull post thanks for doing a great event! Thanks for FBMs Steve Crandall did a great and supper funny announcing!





X Games Austin Dirt!

Check out X Games Dirt today on Espn at 12 eastern time. The first down hill trail style course for X Games! I’m very excited about this event! It’s going to get crazy!






Redbull Berm Burners

Well I know this post is way over due but here it is anyway. A few weeks ago we did this sweet event for and it turned out great! It was at the whole thing was such a good outdoor life fest! So the Redbull Berm Burners was a two person cat and mouse Pumptrack chase race. We had two gates at either end of the track and they dropped at the same time. If you got lapped you lose other wise it was based off of your time. The cool thing was it was open to MTB and BMX! That really made things interesting!  We are doing it again in Windom Resort upstate Ny on August 9th at the World  Cup MTB race so there will be a lot going on! Well here are some pics!